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  • Chalet Cattle penning – 7 days package

    From: 2,100.00$

    The Canadian Ranch offers you the opportunity to learn how to do cattle penning, which involves playing with your horse to get out of order or to bring cattle together in small groups.

    You will learn the techniques used to get there. The mounts of the Canadian Ranch are genetically skilled for this discipline. You can also bring your horse during the stay.

    The stay includes:

    Day 1: Welcome from 15:00. Installation at the Dam Chalet. First visit with the horses, desensitization with the cattle.

    Day 2 to 6: Horseback riding and cattle penning activity.

    Day 7: Lunch of the cowboy. Departure 11h00.

    Possibility to bring your horse $ 50 / day for cattle penning.



    This resort is located near a former dam with a magnificent lake and a trout river. The calm and the present sound make it an ideal natural healing place where it is possible to practice activities such as yoga, reading, meditation and composition. Many potential activities are present in summer as in winter; Snowmobiles, recreational vehicles, skiing, walking in the mountains, snowshoeing, bicycling, walking, fishing and swimming.

    The chalet can accommodate up to 10 people and is fully equipped.

    Several different activities are offered to you during the stay:

    1. Introduction to snowmobiling
    2. Jacouzzi
    3. Neuro spa
    4. Snowshoeing
    5. Climbing Mount Morne
    6. Sugar shack
    7. Swimming
    8. Footpath
    9. Desensitizing the horse
    10. Fishing
  • List of activities available at the cottage or nearby

    The cottage offers an unparalleled range of activities that will please the whole family

    Among the most popular activities offered at the cottage, we find the swimming pool at the dam, walking in the woods, hiking Quad and mountain walking. In winter, snowshoeing, the sleigh ride, skiing and snowmobiling are popular recreations.

    Indulge in one of our activity packages to explore the area and offer an exceptional experience.